All-style karate 

It consists of three groups of sports disciplines: LC-limited contact, FL-full contact, PE-full contact in protective equipment.

Limited contact. In this discipline, it is allowed to outpunch kicks with a limit, that is, not at its full potential. High-injury actions, full contact kicks, finger strikes, submission holds, as well as amplitude throws without insurance are prohibited. This discipline also includes kata and kata-bunkai competitions.

Full contact. In this discipline, you can outpunch more kicks, using knees and elbows, undercuts and throws with a non-contact finishing designation, as well as karategi hacks from one side. Lead for the face and submission holds are prohibited.

Full contact in protective equipment. Athletes must use protective equipment - a bandage, open-fingered gloves, a vest, chest guards, a helmet and a gum-shield. The range of permitted techniques is very wide, but the most traumatic techniques such as blows to the throat or elbow lever are prohibited.