Вид единоборства родом из Якутии. «Мас» в переводе с якутского означает «деревянная палка», «рестлинг» – с английского – «борьба». 

Its essence is in tug-of-war between two athletes. Athletes sit opposite each other, rest their feet on the support board and, at the judge’s command, try to pull the opponent to their side or wrest the stick from the opponent’s hands.

The pledge to victory in mas-wrestling is to maintain balance and take your opponent out of it. In order to distinguish it, there is movement of the legs along the support board (athletes call this «running along the board»), work with the body and hands, when the stick is twisted horizontally and vertically (according to the rules, only up to 90 degrees).

It is important that the enemy does not pull out the stick with a sharp movement at first. The athletes must have such qualities as the ability to react quickly, make quick decisions, and quickly counterattack. An athlete can even throw an opponent to his side; there is a technique for this when the athlete, resting his feet on the support board and raising the center of body mass, creates additional preassure. Each game is best-of-three series and can consist of two or three fights.