Kyrgyz kurosh 

One of the oldest national types of wrestling of the Kyrgyz people. Athletes stand opposite each other on a special carpet and hold the opponent’s belt with both hands. During a fight, it is allowed to release the belt with one hand for a short time. The winner of the fight will be declared the one who, during the fight, can wrestle the opponent down.

The main rule of the fight is that you cannot let go of your opponent’s belt; you must hold on to it with both hands, or with one hand, but for a very short time. If during the combat none of the wrestlers wrestled the opponent down, then the winner is determined by the number of points.

Points can be earned during a fight if, after performing a technique, you manage to knock your opponent onto his side or stomach. And you can receive a reprimand for trying to remove the opponent’s hands from your belt or for avoiding the fight.