Cossack boxing «Uchkur» 

A recreated and reconstructed form of striking martial arts. Uchkur is based on the traditions of the fighting past of our ancestors and represents a combination of hand-to-hand combat techniques with classical boxing. It includes martial arts with the addition of Russian and European martial arts.

One of the main features of uchkur is that you can strike with any side of the fist or place on the shin of the leg, on which a glove is worn, respectively.

Uchkur is a synthesis of the rules and techniques of Russian martial styles of hand-to-hand combat, such as buza, plastun, Cossack spas, lyubki, hopak, using the best tactical and technical techniques of attacks, defenses, movements in kickboxing, savate, English classical boxing, karate, taekwondo and other martial arts. Uchkur is a truly open and free system of physical improvement, a system of human spiritual development and harmonious interaction with the outside world.